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El principal iPhone 2020 de Apple fue lanzado el 23 de octubre y viene con una pantalla de 6.1", sistema de cámara dual de 12 MP, y en cinco colores disponibles. Sucesor del iPhone 11.

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iPhone 12 wont charge

has anyone got a same problem like me? unfortunately i dropped my phone but it wasnt too hard but after that my phone cant be charged with the normal charger.

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If wireless charging still works, then it’s most likely a problem with your charging port. Some repair shops will immediately jump to the conclusion that you need a full replacement, but if you look in your charging port with a flashlight, you may be able to see debris inside. The back of the charging port should be the same color as the frame of your phone, unless it’s been previously replaced, and you only need to be careful near the bottom of the port where the pins are located. Besides that, just use a pair of pointed tweezers and remove as much debris as you can, moving from side to side along the back and top of the port. Then you can use a compressed air can to remove anything you’ve loosened. Just repeat until your phone charges. However, if you look in the charging port and see any pins bent, broken, or corroded, you should go ahead and get the port replaced.

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