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HP Envy 15t laptops include the letters “HP” in a lower-case font in the center of the display’s lower bezel.

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How do I dismantle the touch screen panel of a HP envy 15t-as 100

Can’t find a proper video tutorial to disassemble the screen panel of my HP envy 15t-as 100. I need to replace the screen cable or inverter but I don’t know how to approach to this particular model since it has a touchscreen panel. Is the panel glued? Is it just on clips? I’d appreciate some advice…

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I found only 2 videos where laptops are very similar to mine.


Maybe It will be helpful to someone in the same situation.

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Here is a YouTube video:

I use old credit or ATM plastic cards to open.

Good luck.

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Thanks for the answer but the one in the video is the older version I suppose. It has a frame which is pretty easy to remove. Mine is frameless...

Though it's a good idea to use a plastic card. I'm gonna try that.


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