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Modelo A1237 o A1304 / 1.6, procesador 1.8, 1.86 o 2.13 GHz Core 2 Duo

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Water sensor locations in A1237

Hi there, I bought a macbook air a1237 on ebay, the guy claimed it worked alright except the mouse didn't work all the time... I received it and found that it never worked when I installed a battery... Looking closer at the logic board and all the internal components I found some residue of what looked like liquid. I was wondering if anyone knew if the A1237 had LSI's and if so where are they located.... If they don't have them, whats the easiest way to be able to tell if it has had liquid around these components? The Macbook still turns on... except the mouse and keyboard don't always work and whenever I reboot my clock resets and my cursor starts in the upper left hand corner of the screen. Any thoughts would help! thanks!

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It may be residue from liquid but it could also be a burned component. Photo or description may help the experts. To upload pics click on the orange tab waaaaay down, bottom left.

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They will most likely be in the same locations as the Unibody MBP here are the links from my previous answer on this: Where are all LSI Sensors placed?

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Strait from the Macbook air a1237 bible

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