Power LED on my 2DS XL turns on, neither screen turns on, no sound.

My Nintendo 2DS XL stopped functioning, when I push the Power Button, the Power Indicator turns blue, but neither screen comes on and no noise comes out of the Speakers.
I’m going to take it apart and check if any cables are disconnected, or if there are any connection problems.
I’d like to ask if anyone would have any idea what the problem would be.

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it could have died to be honest it would be understandable if the lower screen turned on and the top didn't but both screens and sound all at once seems like a motherboard failure of some sort

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It definitely seems like that, but the battery still indicates even if it's low, so I'm hoping that it might possibly just mean that there's a Cable that isn't connected somewhere.

Just took it apart, no cable seem to be disconnected, I cleaned it with a IPA, so I'm gonna put it together and see if that makes it work.

Edit: It didn't. It's still broken.

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