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No water, no ice and no freezer light, suggestions?

Model GFE26GMHFES, French Door, Bottom Freezer

I have no water, no ice and no freezer light. I no longer have the option/display on the front control to turn on/off the ice maker. It all happened at the same time. I have good water pressure. The water does not flow past the water valve in the back bottom of refrigerator. I replaced the water valve. Still does not receive the signal to send the water. I have tried everything here to include Sabbath mode and all the other “pressing/holding” buttons.

I have replaced the board for controls, water/ice valve inside left door, freezer light, and freezer door switch. I am bypassing the water filter with the bypass plug (tried a new filter also). Everything else is working fine.

When this happened, my fridge wasn’t cooling as well as it should. I had a repair guy come and look at my fridge and he replaced the fan in the refrigerator section. He spent the next hour trying to figure out the rest. He was frustrated and couldn’t fix it. Any ideas?

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Hi @dzdrojewski ,

Was it working OK except for the cooling problem, before the repairer replaced the fan?

Check the main AC/DC door board to see if the -12V DC and +12V DC voltages (pins J3 /20 and J3/17 respectively) and also the 3V DC for the freezer led lights, pins J3/3 (-ve leg) and J3/5 (+ve leg) are there and correct.

If both of the 12V supplies on the door board are OK check that there is also -12V DC and +12V DC on pins J2/4 and J2/6 of the dispenser board. If not, there may be a problem in the harness wiring somewhere.

Here’s an image from the section in the mini manual for your model showing the boards’ pinouts and a part of the wiring.

Block Image

(click on image to enlarge and then click on the image again to further enlarge it).

Be safety aware as the is also lethal AC voltage on the door board

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