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Información de reparación para teclados de computadora que no son de Apple.

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Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover i5 Battery Replacement

Has anybody been able to replace the rechargeable batteries of the Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover i5? According to the product info at, there are no user-replaceable parts, but the user guide shows how to remove the battery for disposal ( Not sure if you can put the keyboard back together after you "Pry off top cover of keyboard with screwdriver."

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While I can’t tell from that documentation or anything else I saw if the case will go back together without adhesive of some sort, I do think I found a battery replacement for that keyboard:

I have never used this vendor and can’t speak to their quality, I just found what I could for a replacement battery. That keyboard model, Y-R0032, appears to be the correct keyboard from my searches but I’m unsure if it’s specifically for your generation of keyboard.

Please let me know how it works out in the end.

Best of luck.

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Unfortunately, I tried to take apart the keyboard and there was glue everywhere, so I broke it during the disassembly. Thanks anyway.

- de

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I tried it with a spare that didn’t work already, and mine broke, too. Pity. To keep my good one working, I have attached an external battery pack and plugged it in. Hide the battery in the angle of the case, and I’m typing on it now. Not the best aesthetic, but hey, it works!

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