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Why only one LED on Ethernet port is steady ON? There is no connection

Hello everyone,

I have a motherboard MI970 which has two ethernet port, one Intel 82579LM and one 82583V.

The 82583V port was connected to a raspberry Pi. I have noticed that the connection was disconnected and a yellow LED on it is steady on, it doesn't matter if a cable is connected or not.

After I have noticed this issue, I have checked the device manager and the driver under Network Adapter was with a yellow exclamation mark, so I have tried to unistall and reinstall it but disappeared totally. I have checked under hidden devices, and wasn't there.

Also, I have tried restart the system and turned it off for a while. Nothing changed. Since the system is on the LED of the port is ON and is not working.

Also, I have tried to install the driver manually but it didn't allow me to install.


Is there any solution for this issue?

Also, if I cannot use the port and is knocked, can the motherboard be used? I meant it cannot cause any more issues on other parts?


I would appreciate if you could give me some advice.

Thanks in advance,


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What is the exact make and model number of the motherboard?

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Thanks a lot @aactech

Intel MI970VF

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Hi @miladb ,

Is the 82579LM LAN port working OK?

If not check that the PCH Lan Controller setting in BIOS is set to enabled (see p.41)

If the 82579LM LAN port is OK it may be a motherboard problem as the 82583V LAN controller is not being detected by the OS.

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Thanks @jayeff for your comment.

Yes the other port is working fine.

This motherboard can make any problem for the other parts?

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Without a schematic of the motherboard (I can't find one) I'm not sure.

If the LAN controller IC has been damaged then perhaps not.

The board may work OK for all the other functions except for that one LAN port.

If the voltage supply to the "damaged" LAN controller IC is affected by the what has happened to it then it may affect other components on the same power supply rail as the IC

You may be able to find the LAN controller IC on the motherboard. Look for a chip with Intel 82583V (supplier example only) printed on it and check if it seems obviously damaged e.g. burnt.

If the yellow light is still on you may be able to either replace the chip or remove it

Is the Pi board still working OK when connected to the other LAN port? Just wondering if it caused the "faulty" LAN port controller to fail perhaps.

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Thanks a lot @jayeff

Much appreciated.

Yes, the Pi board is working fine and can connect to internet. All ports working fine.

Also, in the motherboard all ports are working fine, even the usb ports that are in the same unit with the lan.

Many thanks

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The USB ports use a different controller and most likely have a different power supply rail to the LAN controller. The USB and LAN port connectors being in the same unit is only the design of the connector unit and not what is connected to them from the motherboard


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Thanks a lot, I didn't know it's only the design.

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