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Guías de reparación y desmontaje para celulares fabricadas por Huawei.

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Can you perform a reset without a working software?

Hello my mobile phone huawei p 20 lite always gets stuck with the Huawei logo. I believe it is a software bug. Unfortunately, it is not possible to reset with the on / off switch and the volume down button. The mobile phone is also not recognized by a PC, but can be charged. I have already opened and cleaned the device. This didn't help either.

Therefore I wanted to ask if it is possible to reset the cell phone in another way. Can you reset it by only using the harware. For example: Supply certain Ic's with electricity ...?


Hallo mein Handy huawei p 20 lite bleibt beim Huawei logo immer stecken. Ich glaube, dass es ein sofware fehler ist. Es ist leider nicht möglich einen reset mit den Ein/Aus Schalter und Leiser-Lautertaste zu machen. Das handy wird auch nicht von einen PC erkannt, aber kann geladen werde. Ich habe das Gerät bereits geöffnet und gesäubert. Dies hat auch nicht geholfen.

Deshalb wollte ich fragen ob es möglich ist das Handy auch anderst zu reseten. Kann man es reseten in dem man nur die harware benutzt. Zb: Bestimmte Ic's mit Stom versorgen...?

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Yes, and no. Yes, you can if you can get into recovery mode but no, not without knowing the Google account used. For quite some time, Google FRP has been around and what will happen if you do it this way (which is not always avoidable) is the phone will ask for the Google account. Normally this is not an issue if you know it, but it causes a lot of grief with the used market. As long as you know the issue is moot, thankfully.

Refer to this page for instructions on performing the reset. The timing is tricky, so expect more then one try being needed if you never did it before.

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Unfortunately did not work. As soon as an image is displayed on the screen, the mobile phone freezes. If I turn it on, it only shows the Huawei font. When I reset I do not come into the menu. When I charge it, I only see the charging icon the whole time, even if I unplug it after a short time.

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@Peter Mafai You may need to time it better, or get it up enough to fastboot the device.

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