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iPhone 8 screen not closing correctly after screen replacement

Hello there, I seem to bee having a problem with a iPhone 8 screen replacement. The repair went perfectly fine, but when trying to close it back up, the right bottom corner didn’t want to close all the way, also while applying pressure to try to get it in fully, there came a pressure spot on the display. Even after screwing in the pentalope screws, the display kept going up, this doesn’t happen with the old screen. Nor with the LCD plate installed. Here are the things I’ve noticed: The chip on the screen seems to be a little bit taller than the original:

Block Image

The LCD and screen also seem to be a little more seperated:

Block Image

Block Image

Here is a video about the problem:

I hope someone can help!

Kind regards

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that chip in the lower corner of the screen could be the issue, but usually non-OEM manufacturers are pretty good about matching physical dimensions. do you have a caliper/micrometer to get an exact thickness measurement of the two?

that said, most of the time when i see gaps like this between the display and the back casing it has to do with the side guide/grip fingers on the display. in the first picture showing the side, you see the rectangle flange with the two cutouts (this is for alignment of the display frame and there's a little bump that "connects" with a bracket on the inside of the back case to hold the screen down) and the two (of 6 total) screws that hold the metal shield to the display frame. what i've found in most cases is the flanges for the alignment or screws are slightly bent and prevent closure or don't grip and don't hold it tight.

not saying this is your issue, but this is what i've found when i have seen this scenario.

hope it helps

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