Will removing the wireless chip affect other functions?

Do any of you know if removing the whole Jorjin WG7310 WLAN/BT/FM Combo Module from the circuit board would cause any problems for the rest of the device?

The reason I ask is the chip was heat gunned off but something extra may have come off.

The Fire still "works" as in it turns on and apps still run. What doesn't work is the Setting>Device menu. When that is ran the Fire locks up and it has to be hard reset. It also can't be mounted as a removable drive to my laptop. When it is connected with a USB cable the Fire looks like it mounts and the "eject hardware" shows a drive letter but in explorer there is no kindle drive. When connected via USB the Fire has an orange spinning circle where the disconnect button use to be.

So do you think removing the Jorjin Module did all this or do you think something extra was removed in the process?

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