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Lanzado el 20 de septiembre, el iPhone de 2019 está dotado de una pantalla táctil 6.1" LCD, cámara dual y en seis colores disponibles. Sucesor del iPhone XR

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Battery iPhone 11 no battery

Hello i found outside a iphone 11 its broken not alot of it is left no screen frame cracked but the motherboard looks good can it be repared i dont have the old screen or old battery

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maybe just try carrying to an 3rd party repair shop

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Sure What's the point of that on i fix it?

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If the logic board looks all right you will have a good chance of getting it going. However if it is iCloud locked it will only be good for parts.

You will need to purchase a battery and screen and possibly a housing and charge port assembly but I would first try just the screen and battery and see what it does.

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Thank you for your comment,

I had indeed taken into account that there could be an iCloud lock and that everything is unusable, the only thing that is really left is the motherboard provided there is no iCloud lock on it, but you still get messages that the screen is not good and the battery is it still a usable phone or too much effort / money for nothing

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@yannick1991 It still will function as a normal phone despite the message saying the screen and battery are not authentic. Also the face ID might not work if the original parts like front flex assembly has become damaged but that is no big deal.

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Oke really thank you for your time and help

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