Fairphone 3 Mainboard Repair/Replacement?

I recently spilled liquid on my fairphone 3. I disassembled and cleaned thoroughly, but not thoroughly enough. After operating correctly for a day the phone started glitching out and after I dissembled again, found more liquid and cleaned, and reassembled, the phone now doesn’t turn back on. I also damaged one of the ribbon cable ports on the board while dissembling! Woops.

My question is: does anyone have experience with fault-finding on the FP3 mainboard? The ribbon cable for the top module is an obvious problem, but would that prevent the phone from powering on?

I’m dissapointed with the fact that Fairphone will not supply a replacement mainboard outside of their own repair service. Seems like a bit of a con to me?

Anyway, I would like to try to deal with this myself, and I would really appreciate any advice with this. Thanks!

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