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Released on July 28th, 2017, the New Nintendo 2DS XL is a handheld gaming console succeeding the Nintendo 2DS.

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Nintendo 2DS XL won't turn on without being connected to charger.

2DS XL wont turn on without the charger. It could turn on before I replaced the screen. Now it wont turn on for some reason. Was hoping if there's some sort of fix.

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Can you use a multimeter to check the voltage of the battery?

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@andrewsawesome No, but the battery works. Thought it was the battery so I replaced it with a spare one from another 2ds since they were the same and it didn't work. Both batteries worked on the 2ds tho.

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check connections to the battery on the gameboy side of things. if u have a multimeter that would be the best way.

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That typically means that the battery is completely shot. The system basically sees the device with no battery attached. That’s why it will die immediately if you unplug it. I would recommend replacing the battery.


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Hi, I replaced the battery with a spare one from another 2ds and it didn't work. Both batteries worked on the other 2ds tho.

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At that point, I would start thinking it’s a motherboard issue.

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