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En junio de 2017, Apple actualizó su MacBook Air de 13" con un procesador Broadwell Intel Core i5 más nuevo, lo que resultó en un rendimiento y vida útil de la batería ligeramente mayores.

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MacBook air 2017 not turning on.

My Mac is not turning on. When I switch on the laptop the fan rotates for 2 seconds and then stops. Nothing else happens. I have tried removing the battery and run it on adapter. But the same result.

Also when battery is connected, there is no light on the adapter. But when battery is removed, the adapter light is on.

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Try disconnecting the trackpad flex cable from the main logic board (shown in Step 23 of this guide). With the cable and battery disconnected and the bottom plate removed, open the display and set the machine on its side with the MagSafe 2 port facing upward. Then connect the MagSafe charger and press the power button. If it’s able to power on the issue may be due to a failing trackpad flex cable or a failing trackpad.

If that doesn’t help, you’ll need to do some further troubleshooting with the I/O board and the logic board as the point of failure probably involves one of those two components. Hope this helps!

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