Phone wouldn't turn on. Reseated the battery, mobile radio doesnt work

Woke up this morning (late to work lol because my alarm didn’t go off) to a phone that wouldn’t turn on. Wouldn’t show any signs of charging, nothing. When I got home from work, I opened up the phone and carefully got down to the battery connector, disconnected it, and plugged it back in. Phone charged up just fine and booted just fine after it charged, but now, when I try to make a phone call, it just says to turn off airplane mode (and I’m not in airplane mode). At the recommendation of people online, I typed *#*#4636#*#* and went to the phone information menu. Mobile Radio Power is turned off, and if I turn it on, it wont stay on. This issue wasn’t present at all before last night when the phone worked fine. I restored my phone and reflashed my ROM (CalyxOS) to be sure the software wasnt the issue, and it wasn’t., same issue persists. Any ideas?

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