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Tablet PC de alto rendimiento de segunda generación lanzada por Apple en junio de 2017. Modelo A1670.

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Taking apart the Glass Panel, LCD and Digitiser and swapping them over

Hi there, I have two identical iPad Pro 2nd gen 12.9in devices, one of which has a cracked screen with dodgy touch which I do not believe to be the result of a bad touch digitiser. The other has a smashed lcd, with (somehow) perfect condition glass panel and functioning digitiser as I have tested by connecting the device to a monitor. Is it possible for me to lift up both panels and move the glass panel from the iPad with a dead lcd to the iPad with a cracked screen but working lcd?

IN SHORT: can the components beneath the glass panel be separated from the panel and moved to another panel for reinstallation?

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Repair shops use specialized tools like separator machines, OCA, cutting wire, etc. to take apart LCD and digitizer for fused screens, not DIY friendly.

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