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Procesador G3 modelo M6497 o A1005 / 500, 600, 700, 800 o 900 MHz

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Dead after its 5th repair, any suggestions?

This is the 500 MHz model. I fix this computer but it's not mine so I didn't actually see it stop working this time, apparently the screen just didn't come on one day. Target disk still works so it's not completely dead, but it doesn't sound like it's starting up normally.

Not sure what the cable's called but it runs through the right side of the hinge to what ever controls the backlight, I replaced it (for the second time) but that didn't fix it.

I also had a 700Mhz model that went down from the problem where the video chip becomes loose and the screen does all sorts of crazy things before dying, does that affect these models as well? This computer is going to be replaced soon but I'd kind of like to keep it going so any suggestions on what can be done?

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I've seen a lot of 500s with the video chip issue (maybe I hit the jackpot and got a bad batch of them or something), but that problem is characterized by very erratic behavior, so if target mode works well and is stable, that might be an indicator that it's not the video issue. Actually, connecting to an external display is probably the best way to test this -- if an external display is stable and works well, that means the video chip is good, at which point I'd say the screen itself may be dead, my logic being that you've replaced the inverter cable with a (hopefully) known good one with no luck, ruling out that possibility, so if the display on an external monitor is stable, and the inverter cable is not the problem, that leaves the screen itself.

Another way to rule out the video chip issue: While powering up clamp the space just left of the trackpad with your left hand, applying some pressure. When the video chip issue is present, pressure in this area can force the chip to function, and sometimes the display will come back temporarily. So basically if squeezing this area has an effect on the display, you know you've got the video chip issue. And like I said testing an external display is the other way to determine this, i.e. if you get no external image, you've likely got the problem.

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Do you see a faint image of the desktop ? The 500MHz model was not much affected by the desoldered graphic chip failure but the possibility cannot be excluded. In fact it was one of the best model of the iBook G3 line. As you say, the big problem with this one is the reed switch cable cutting in the hinge but it's a cheap repair when you can do the job yourself.

I would try all the usual troubleshooting stuff: pram reset, PMU reset, booting from an external source, etc.

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Thanks for both the suggestions. It was sometime ago that I tried to diagnose this problem and its seems to me that I did try the external monitor and the pram reset to no avail. I haven't tried booting from an external source. I had read about trying to squeeze the case, even using a c-clamp so maybe as a last resort.

It could in fact be the screen, the original screen had a line of dead pixels so I replaced it with one from a 700 iBook that had the video issue. I could switch them back to rule the screen out completely. Anyway when I get a break from school I'll throw it back together with the original screen and look into booting from an external source.

- de

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I have a similar issue. I bought a "parts book" from the same guy I got my G3 12" for a working CD drive. While in there I upgraded the HD to 120GB. Now I get BLACK SCREEN. I double checked the power (blue/white) on top and the ribbon cable on the bottom but can't find anything loose. I totally forgot how to do PRAM. Funny thing. When I started this project the parts book came on fine even without a ram chip. I broke the thumb pad ribbon cable connection clamp on it so I can't even try or the screen in the parts book. I think I may have pain=ed myself ion a corner this time. So much for DIY. I'm bookmarking this thread to follow it for ideas.

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