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El Samsung Galaxy A10 es un teléfono inteligente Android desarrollado por Samsung Electronics. Fue lanzado en marzo de 2019.

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Why is my phone touchscreen not working sometimes?

I just got an Samsung A11 two months ago, everything works fine except for the screen.

The screen sometimes becomes untouchable but it works again if I lock and unlock the screen, is this a software or a hardware issue?

I’ve tried resetting my phone but it still happens from time to time.

Edit: I’ve never dropped the phone nor has the phone been touched with water, I also have a screen protector on.

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To be honest, if the phone continues to work after you lock and unlock it again, why try to “fix” it? The possibility of damaging your phone even more while trying to repair it always exists. However, if you’re determined, then I have a few suggestions:

  1. Clean the touch screen and screen protector. In some cases, a touch screen will stop responding properly due to built up dirt and grime or problems with the case or screen protector. Since this is pretty easy to either deal with or rule out, it’s a good idea to give your device a thorough cleaning if a reboot didn’t do the trick.
    • Clean your hands to avoid passing dirt onto the screen. Wipe the touch screen with a lint-free cloth. The cloth may be dry or wet, but never use a sopping wet one.
    • Remove the screen protector. If a screen protector gets dirty underneath it, is slightly wet, or gets too warm, it will stop registering your touch.
    • You may need to clean the screen after removing the screen protector if it had a tear in it or hadn't been removed for years.
  2. Dry off your smartphone. Touch screens can also stop working, become unresponsive, or work erratically if a phone gets wet. In that case, drying the phone out thoroughly sometimes fixes the problem. There are several steps to drying out an Android and drying out an iOS device.
  3. Gently tap on each corner of the phone. When a touch screen stops working after a phone is dropped it’s sometimes due to the digitizer connection coming loose internally. In that case, gently tapping on each corner of the phone may cause it to reconnect.
  4. If that doesn’t work, fixing the digitizer requires taking the phone apart.
  5. Remove the SIM card, memory cards, and peripherals. While it is less common, problems with SIM cards, memory cards, and peripherals (such as USB devices) can sometimes cause touch screen problems in mobile and Windows devices. Be sure to fully power down and unplug your device first.
  6. Turn on Safe Mode for Android or Windows safe mode. In some cases, a problem with an app or program that you have downloaded can cause the touch screen to become unresponsive. The key to figuring this out is to restart in safe mode, since these apps and programs don’t load in safe mode.
  7. If you find that the touch screen starts working when you enter safe mode, then there is a problem with some app or program that you downloaded. Start with recently downloaded apps and go from there.

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