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El Dyson V6 Absolute es un limpiador inalámbrico, sin bolsa, lanzado en septiembre de 2014, con filtración HEPA que captura los alérgenos. Se utiliza para todo tipo de suelos y pesa 5 libras. Identificado por el número de modelo SV09.

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Charger unit for my Dyson v6 is not working

There are no blue lights on the charging unit when I put my vacuum in to charge. I’ve checked the power cord and it seems ok.

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There are usually two answers to faulty rechargeable items - battery and related charging circuitry, the charging unit. The easiest check if familiar with a multimeter or digital voltmeter would be measuring the charger itself. Most chargers are plug-in units like cellphone chargers while others have a mounting base with the charging unit within it and having two chrome plated pins, a male/female connection for power or small metal plates. Most chargers are ac-to-dc voltage converters and polarized to prevent reverse voltage issues. Ac-ac converters reduce wall socket voltage to a safer low ac voltage. These chargers have ac-to-dc voltage conversion built into the appliance. Using a DVM set to either dc or ac and measuring the pins or socket terminals ( labeling specifies the output voltage in AC or DC) can determine if the charging unit is faulty or not. If the charging unit outputs correct voltage then the appliance is faulty. It’s presumed the vacuum unit wasn’t dropped that may damage internal wiring that can render it unable to recharge. If the vacuum unit was dropped, a wire may break or disconnect. This may be a simple repair.

A rechargeable vacuum cleaner using lithium batteries may have its charging circuitry either in the charging base or within its vacuum unit as circuitry is miniaturized. If the vacuum doesn’t accept a charge then the unit’s charging circuitry may be damaged or one of the lithium batteries failed. Repairs are either thru Dyson or independent repair people capable of repairing them. Rechargeable lithium batteries require special handling during troubleshooting and repairs. When inadvertently short circuited, they have a tendency to continue into a runaway state resulting in near instant overheating and erupting into flames as it self consumes with ts own supply of oxygen generation making them extremely difficult to extinguish. Examples of lithium battery fires; Tesla electric vehicles, laptop computers, cellphones and spare lithium batteries used in vapes, igniting in pants pockets due to not having the terminals encased in a protective carrying case. Once rechargeable lithium battery overheats, many self ignite into a runaway fire, consuming batteries and whatever it powers.

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