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Keyboard Functionality Comes and Goes

The keyboard on my Macbook Pro (13”, Retina, Early 2015) will work for some time then stop working during use or when logging on after sleeping or booting up. The power button and trackpad work, but the length of time the rest of keyboard doesn’t respond is not consistent and can last multiple days at a time. I did spill something on it months ago, but the issue did not arise until a month or two after that incident.

Is there something that needs to be replaced internally, or does the keyboard need to be thoroughly cleaned?

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Water damage can take quite a bit of time to start making an impact towards a device, sometimes it could take only a few seconds while other times the liquid could take months to make an impact. I would guess there is a component on the logic board which is getting hot after a bit of use, or there is some corrosion that needs to be cleaned. Cleaning the board is certainly important with water damage to make sure that it does not get worse, as corrosion is not good for any device. There may be some corrosion which is causing this, however without opening up the device it can be harder to judge. Hope this helps!

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Thanks for the tip! If I do open it up myself, where should I be looking and what should I be looking for? For cleaning, what tool and solution would be best for ensuring that the corrosion is scrubbed out without leaving any damaging residue on the components?

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You should be looking for a blue-green or white substance on the motherboard which is corrosion. It may be a different color however the two most common are blue-green and white. It looks in a way like mold, and may be more common in some areas of the motherboard than others. For cleaning, a clean toothbrush and 99.9% isopropyl alcohol will be the best for cleaning. Just dip the toothbrush head in the alcohol and scrub where there is corrosion. Make sure to not scrub to hard, just hard enough to get the corrosion off. It is important that only 99.9% isopropyl alcohol is used because anything lower has the risk of leaving more corrosion on the motherboard. Also, make sure the battery is unplugged before doing any cleaning.

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