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The Jeep Grand Cherokee was redesigned for the 1999 model year; the 2000 models have minimal changes. This model is also known as Jeep WJ.

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Why won't my jeep start after shutting off driving and now shows key w

Why won't my jeep start after shutting off while driving and now shows a key with line through it I just changed crank sensor

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So it shut of while driving? The key with the slash indicates an issue with the immobilizer system. Try disconnecting the battery cable and after a minute or two reconnecting it. If this doesn't do it you may need a dealer (or someone with a code reader that can read those codes. Indications seem to be that normal obd2 readers won't read them all, but you can try!!)

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I know this thread is old, but the info might be helpful to someone even if OP have solved their problem.

I think he meant after driving, he shuts the truck off and it wont restart. Happened to me, several times, and by times, I mean it would happen for awhile then resolve itsself with no repair. Then later, many months, a year in one case begin again for no apparent reason.

*sigh* while I was never able to pin this down %100, I believe it is the result of bad connections in on of about 4 wiring harnesses located under hood on the passenger side near the ECU. In the same time period that these happened, sporatically my charging gauge would (sometimes) drop to zero, then back up, then drop…. etc.

The tale-tell sign was having an assistant crank engine while ‘wiggling’ wires near the ECU There is about 4 wiring harnesses there. The solution, at least so far, was to disconnect each plug, and using bright lights, micro picks, and magnifying glasses that you could clearly see jupiter with, carefully add a bit of tension on the female side of each and every one of the 17 million connections, including the ECU plug.

Pain as it was, I admit I have had fewer problems, and no more ‘will crank, wont start’ after shutting off.

As Brandon k said, the key with the slash is the immobilizer system. You do need a ‘chip key’. Regulars wont work.

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