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Segunda generación de iPad con Wi-Fi, lanzado el 11 de marzo de 2011. Número de modelo A1395. La reparación es difícil y requerirá calor.

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After fall digitizer broke and back cover edge is a little bent

iPad 2 has fell on the ground and the digitizer broke. Unfortunately the edge of the back cover that hit the ground is a little bent too.

Is there any way to avoid replacing the back cover?

If I try to install a new digitizer without replacing the back cover will I have an issue during the installation?

Thank you in advance!

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Unfortunately you need to replace the back cover as well. Even if it is slightly malformed the new glass will not sit down and you will either be breaking it again or fighting it trying to keep it stuck down and dust and dirt will get inside.

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I attempted repairing my housing, and it's not bad I would say, I used a mini chisel with pointed ends, after taking the skinny plastic frame off...

Now it's not skewed, and have fitted it back in and taped it up from the outside to see if it's a perfect fitt.. Well it will never be perfect, but as long as its out of the way of the digitser glass...

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