I have new battery--charge light is blue- not yellow like it should b

Changed battery-charge light is blue not yellow like it should be. whats wrong?

Update (07/03/2021)

Satellite model C75D-B7350. Thanks for your response

Update (07/03/2021)

The front of a Toshiba Satellite laptop has three light emitting diodes (LEDs) to indicate the functionality of the system. On the left is the green LED, indicating the presence of alternating current (AC) power. The middle is a blue LED denoting the system is powered on. On the right is an LED that is red or amber when the battery is charging and green when the battery is full.

Is the blue light the only one on when charging?

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Will the laptop turn on?

Did you completely discharge the power before replacing battery?

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I only have two lights, at present, right light is green. left charging light is blue. Thanks for your response Mike. laptop is running.

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