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Computadoras de escritorio todo en uno de Apple. Los iMacs han sido equipados con procesadores Intel desde Enero 2006.

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Source for reliable double-sided tape to reinstall display?

I’ve done quite a few hard drive replacements on 2013 and newer iMacs, the ones with the display attached with double-sided tape, but I’ve had several of them fall open due to the tape ‘failing’. What am I doing wrong, and does anyone have a recommendation for a really strong replacement tape option?

What I’ve been buying is the stuff they sell on Amazon, and it gets good reviews, but either I’m not doing something right or it’s just not consistently reliable. FYI, I am careful to remove all the old tape, and carefully press the display on when reinstalling, but do I need to use heat or something?

Many thanks in advance for any tips or advice you can give!!


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@macdoktor I suggest you try Tesa. Bet you’ll like it since that stuff sticks well :-)

Tesa 61395 Tape

Imagen de Tesa 61395 Tape


Tesa 61395 Tape


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Only problem with this OT is you can't get back in later without damaging the display ;-{

I've had to fight a few and often damage it in the process. It was so bad I even ask if someone was in the system before me, if it was I explain the issue and how I will not cover the cost of the display. I even video the process to cover my self it was getting so bad.

I really don't have a problem with the tapes, but it does take a bit of skill and patience. And make sure you get fresh ones that are sealed up (kits)

I go through a process of cleaning the surfaces making sure they are spotless and have no residues which can interfere with the adhesion. I use reagent grade isopropyl alcohol as the cheap stuff has junk in it which will mess you up. I use a J roller to press the displays edge downing the case as well as a heat gun at a low setting to warm the glass and case as well.

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@danj that is just terrible. I bet those encounters must have been very frustrating for you. Good thing you got those taking care off. Just like anything else, good preparation and good consumables are the key.

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@oldturkey03 - Mostly expensive! A lot more time than needed and even then if the Testa tape was over done having to be forceful to get the display off. The special cutter tool often won't work as the Testa tape does not have a foam core so all you are digging into is the glue.

I use Testa tape and I do love it this is just the one place I wouldn't use it.

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@danj & @oldturkey03,

I'm tempted to try this stuff, especially since most of the machines I'm working on are old enough that odds are good that it'll be the last time they need to be opened. No guarantee of that, I realize, but it sure would be easier than the meticulous process that @danj lays out below, and I feel like I'd still be wondering if I did a good enough job with that process to be sure that the tape doesn't fail later!


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@macdoktor - It only takes me 10~15 minutes! Depending on the temp of my work area, longer when its cold ;-{

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@macdoktor - Stick with the tapes! Work on your process as that is the key!

I go through a process of cleaning the surfaces making sure they are spotless and have no residues which can interfere with the adhesion.

  • I use a plastic razor to scrape off the metal edge and carefully the glass (not damaging the black tape) I then use a strip of paper towel dampened in Goo Off over the edge of the razor to spot clean any areas that need a bit more.
  • I use reagent grade 95% isopropyl alcohol as the cheap stuff has junk in it which will mess you up going over the surfaces to remove anything else thats on them using a few surfaces of the towel so I'm not moving the oils and dirt but fully removing.
  • I warm the case making sure its not cool to the touch (warm not hot), Apply the tapes use a burnishing tool to press the tapes down.
  • I then warm the display (edge only) again just enough to pull the chill out (too much can damage the LCD).
  • Test the system one more time before taking the tape covers off!
  • I then use a J roller to press the displays edge down into the case as well as a heat gun at a low setting to warm the glass and case one more time as well. Press evenly on the glass don’t press the corners as you can crack the glass.

Make sure you get the tapes from a source which rotates its stock and come in a sealed package as the air will dry-out the adhesive over time (about a year is as long as I dare to hold them).


  • Variable temp heat gun (a hair dryer will also work but be careful), I’ve also experimented with a small IR heat lamp but it can be a bit much (remember we want warm not hot)
  • Small J roller
  • Burnishing tool or other smooth rounded tool


  • Goo Off
  • Reagent grade 95% isopropyl alcohol
  • Plastic Razors
  • Paper towels or lint free wipes

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This is very helpful, @danj, but how do I make sure I get the tape from a source with a sealed package? I've been buying the tape on Amazon, but it's not sealed. Can you share your source?

It sounds like the combination of your meticulous cleaning process, using the right tape, and applying some heat strategically and carefully should yield the results I want, but man, what a pain!

Also, what's a "J roller"?

Thanks a ton for the detailed response!!

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@macdoktor - iFixit is a sealed kit. I've also gotten from a local source here in Boston and I know TheBookYard in the UK sells a sealed kit.


iMac Intel 21.5" (2012-2019) Adhesive Strips

iMac Intel 27" (2012-2019) Adhesive Strips

I really try to avoid Amazon , eBay or Craigs List, as many are jobbers (people who find product thats already old and resell it) Sometimes thats your only option. You also need to look at the company are they fly by night or been around awhile, what is their exchange and warranty coverage. I've been stuck to many times and the work to argue just to get my money back from Amazon or eBay when the seller fails to honor things (they just setup a new account hiding!) I only get simple stuff like tools which have a larger market like these:

J Roller

Stainless Steel Burnisher

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Thanks, @danj! I really appreciate your detailed, informative replies!! ???

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Clean the contact surface completely, no residual whatsoever.

Press firmly when installing the screen.

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Thanks, @tomchai! I appreciate you taking the time to respond!

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