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Portable Monitor Screen Replacement

I have a (fairly new) Asus MB16AMT touch portable monitor. I’m seeing a lot of broken displays in reviews and can’t find a replacement display matrix. Mine cracked in the first 3 weeks because the stock case lets it fall over easily. The housing is extremely easy to open.

Display model is: B156HAK02.0 but all I can find is the “40 pin narrow (16mm)” connector version (need the 20mm 40 pin connector)

Asus portable monitors should be added to this fix library, I think they would easily score a 9 / 10 on reparability if you can get the parts! Does anyone have a source for this display?

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Did you manage to successfully repair your screen Darren? Would be interested to hear how you got on and whether worth having a go at my own (similar) Zenscreen.

When you say the housing was extremely easy to open, how did you go about it? Would be great if you could post up a simple guide!

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It's all fixed. It's actually a very easy repair. Take your time on the perimeter bezel latches. But there was no glue strips to fight.

The correct part is very hard to find. Be very careful which you get. Asus used several different motherboards and display connectors. Plus the display matrix is used in many PC's with various connectors. Only purchase one with an exact model number match.

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I had a similar accident yesterday and I'm looking to buy the replacement screen. I can attest to how easy it is to remove the bezel. It's all about getting your thumb to pull the inner edge up while pushing with your other fingers down on the outside edge. Hopefully I can find the part a successfully repair this great accessory.

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How can i contact with you?

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I'm glad to hear they are easy to open. I have a similar (non-touch) MB16AP I am going to give a go at repairing.

I would love to see a guide published. My issue is "no power on", hoping it is just a bad solder joint on the USB-C or loose connector.

I'll post the display part info for the non-touch after I get into it.

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Generally, it is best to buy a display panel listed as compatible with your device because factors such as panel thickness, width and height, and required voltages can vary (a simple search for “B156HAK02.0 screen replacement” should give you plenty of results. However, if you find a display online and are certain all factors (dimensions, voltages, etc) for the panel in question are compatible with your portable monitor, then it should also be compatible with your monitor.

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Thank you, however it did end up with a different variant of the same connector pin count and style.

The point was, I couldn't find a replacement listed for an Asus mb16amt display. Any leads on how to find them.

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Hi @gladstod ,

The Asus part number for the display is 18100-15620200

This is from the parts list for the monitor from this supplier (click on the Display checkbox).

Searching online for Asus (insert part number), gave only one other result for suppliers. Maybe because it is a newer release perhaps.

FYI most guides on Ifixit are created by users, just like you.

If you feel so inclined when you’re repairing your monitor create a guide as you’re doing it. Others in the future will thank you.

Here’s how to do this How to Create a Guide

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It looks like the part number you need is: B156HAK02.2

This display is the same but with the 0.5mm pin pitch 40-pin connector.

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