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Released by Samsung in March 2016. Model SM-G930.

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Galaxy S7 wouldn't charge, then overheated and died.

About two hours ago my phone was charging and then the charger seemed to stop working at about 65%, so i tried a couple of other chargers but none of them worked. I blew out the charging port with some compressed air, turned the phone off and back on again, and tried several different chargers again to no avail. By this point the battery was down to 38% and the phone was starting to overheat, so i turned off some background apps, turned off the phone and took it out of its case to cool down. About an hour later I checked on the phone and it was still unusually hot. I cannot emphasize enough that the phone was TURNED COMPLETELY OFF but still overheating. So I turned the phone back on and the battery was now down to 12% and draining fast. It still wouldn’t accept any chargers and it died within a couple of minutes. Thankfully the phone itself has since cooled off but now it won’t do anything.

To reiterate, my phone is now completely dead and won’t turn on, so please don’t tell me to clear the cache or restart the phone or do anything that requires me to go to my settings.

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Likely your battery was shorting out somehow. Hopefully, the battery can simply be replaced (I’ll link to an iFixit guide on how to go about that), but it is possible that the circuitry was somehow damaged too. If you do open your phone, try and check for any signs of damage (blown capacitors, melted solder/adhesive, etc.). If the circuitry isn’t damaged, then you should be able to go about replacing the battery as normal. That said, if the battery was overheating, be very careful (lipo batteries can definitely be dangerous) or consider taking your phone to a professional. Here is the guide for replacing the battery yourself: Reemplazo de la batería del Samsung Galaxy S7

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