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Lanzado el 20 de septiembre, el iPhone de 2019 está dotado de una pantalla táctil 6.1" LCD, cámara dual y en seis colores disponibles. Sucesor del iPhone XR

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iPhone won't connect to pc unless in recovery mode.

The iPhone 11 will only charge when connected to PC via USB. The PC doesn’t recognize the phone. The PC does recognize my other iPhones with the same cable. I have tried all the ‘fixes’ for apple drivers, iTunes updates, windows updates, factory reset ect. When I put the iPhone into recovery mode, the PC then recognizes it. Same in DFU mode.

I have tried to flash using 3uTools, iTunes and Dr.Frone with all failing at the same stage of installing the firmware. The last process 3uTools says is it’s loading the RestoreRamdisk, connecting with Restore Mode. The iPhone leaves the recovery mode logo and displays the apple logo with status line under it. The status bar does not move at all. After aprox 5 minutes the iPhone then enters back to recovery mode and reconnects to the PC. After another aprox 5 mins, the flash software fails.

It seems the iPhone leaves recovery mode and enters normal mode ready to receive the new firmware. Unfortunately normal mode is not recognizing the PC and therefore disconnecting and failing the flash.

The reason for restoring the phone with fresh firmware is because after updating to ios 14.6 the camera flash says it’s too hot to operate. I have tried all the ‘fixes’ for this issue including cooling it down, low power mode 3 times, ect. I performed a factory reset successfully but didn’t resolve the camera flash issue. I assumed the firmware was corrupt. Now I can’t connect it to the PC and flash it.

Is this a hardware issue?

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We never suspect a board issue until we have ruled out parts. I know you have tried everything possible with what you have on hand but you will need to completely rule out a faulty part.

We would usually put the logic board into a known good housing to rule out parts but you can try.

1.       Different charge cable.

2.       Different PC or Mac

3.       Disconnect all the flex cables except for the battery and charge port and see if you can restore.

Other than that you will need to install a new battery and charge port. You said using 3uTools which is a good program that it goes from recovery to normal mode and hangs on the apple logo and status bar, this would point me in the direction of a parts problem and not a board problem. However I have not run into this on the 11 series before as they are fairly new so I could be wrong.

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Ok don't use 3u tools, dr fone etc, these are a bunch of trash apps.

Only the iTunes. Please post me the error it gave.

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iTunes gives error 4013

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