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iPhone 11 keeps restarting after charging port replacement

I replaced the charging port on my iPhone 11 today and it works. But now the phone keeps restarting every 3-5 minutes. I reopened the phone and reseated the battery connector but that didn’t work. I did a hard reset and that didn’t work. I am afraid I might have damaged the from the battery or even worse, the connector on the motherboard. I am also thinking maybe I damaged some SMD parts on the motherboard around the connector. Besides those scenarios, which would be worst case, could there be some other simple solution? I am not really up for soldering. Also, I don’t think its the battery, I never changed the battery and the phone says my battery health is fine. And the battery was fine before the repair, and it is charging just fine with the new charging port.

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Try booting your phone without the charging port connected, you do not need to remove the charging port, just unclip it from the board and then boot the phone. See if the problem persists, if it doesn't then the new charger flex is damaged. It's quite common for new charger flex to sometimes not fully work. We make a habit of ordering 2 charger flex for our iPhone repairs for this very reason. If the problem is still occurring after disconnecting the charger flex then yes there is probably a logic board issue :(

Good Luck :)

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Yeah I was reading about this. I will let you know what happens. Thanks for confirming my next move!

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