My ps4 disc drive still wont work after multiple replacements

So i have this 1115a ps4 that ive for some reason haven't been able to get the disc drive to work and what the drive does is it makes some grinding sounds on repeat the the eject sound when the ps4 is turned on and then it wont take a disc and i replaced the drive 3 times because of that but then i decided to replace the data ribbon with a new one because my thought was that maybe the data ribbon cable no longer works sense i saw its pins on it come off it so once i ordered a new ribbon cable even though it looked nothing like the last one i still tried to install it and when i did the drive grinding went away and it took in a disc and when i put the game in it read as unrecognized disc and then the drive made some clicking sounds when i tried it again a few times and then it went back to doing grinding sounds when turned on but this time it did it once and then an eject sound but it wouldn't take in the game but when i pressed eject it would make sounds thinking theres a disc so idk if i should try getting another ribbon cable even though this one let the ps4 update when i plugged it in or should i replace the drive again?

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