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Any possible Wifi antenna upgrade?

Hello, has anyone heard of any way to upgrade the wifi antenna on an iPhone or iPad. I figure that they are both the same principle and maybe even the same part, but don’t know if this is something that you buy or just modify. Thanks in advance for the help,

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The iPhone’s and iPad’s don’t have anyway to upgrade the WiFi or Bluetooth specs. In addition the antenna’s are part of the case shell and is not changeable to anything better.

Now if you are having issues you could have a bad connection between the logic board and the antenna’s

As an example iPhone 7 Top Right Antenna uses screws to connect to the imbedded antenna. And the iPhone 7 Wi-Fi Diversity Antenna peaking out the lightning port.

I would see if cleaning the case contact surfaces for the top one and replace the bottom.

Imagen de iPhone 7 Wi-Fi Diversity Antenna


iPhone 7 Wi-Fi Diversity Antenna


Imagen de iPhone 7 Top Right Antenna


iPhone 7 Top Right Antenna


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