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PC keeps shutting off, screen goes black occasionally

Good morning,

I recently got a Sony Vaio all-in-one PC (model PCV-A1111L) which has been randomly shutting off on the owner (sometimes after the PC is on for only a few seconds, sometimes after Windows is booted up), also the screen has been going black occasionally before recovering. I can shine a flashlight through the screen when this happens and see the image with the flashlight. Also I had the cover off with the PC running and saw the voltage on the 24 volt rail go from 24 volts up to 25 volts when the screen is turned off which leads me to suspect the backlight inverter is failing and possibly causing the PC to turn off at times. When the PC shuts off there is still 12 and 24 volts (its not an ATX power supply) present on all the outputs of the power supply and did not observe the voltage sag on either rail which suggests to me that the power supply isn’t the issue.

However I cannot seem to find parts for this model of PC. I was wondering if anyone knew where I could find parts for this model, or if perhaps this model PC doesn’t use a backlight inverter? I’m not very familiar with Sony PCs.

Update (05/17/2021)

Block Image

Block Image

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Update: I looked over the PC case some more and found a much smaller label with model number VPCL111FX on the front bottom part. Not sure why Sony put 2 different model numbers on it

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you have a bad backlight, backlight connection, or backlight power supply.

For most screens today the backlight isn’t separately replaceable. You need the whole screen.

Some have a power supply taped to the back of the screen. That can be replaced separately, but it is a real struggle.

Loose connection on the MB would be the first thing to check, then work your way up.

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