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Have to keep replacing water filter.


I have a Frigidaire refrigerator bought in 2015. Earlier this year in January, the water dispenser stopped and ice was not being made. I replaced the filter with another Frigidaire one and it worked again. 3 weeks later it stopped, so I bought a 2-pack of off brand ones. Replaced it again and it worked for another 3 weeks. Now it stopped again and replacing the filter makes it work again right away. I can’t figure out what the problem is and why the original filter, no longer available, worked for 5 years without any issue. Please advise. Thanks!

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Hi Mike!

I think that problem is with limescale depositing on the pipe walls - especially if you have hard water.

For 5 years it’s possible that limescale stucked in pipes in refrigerator.

Try to get to pipes and clean them.

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The replace indicator on most, if not all, refers is a timed function. With 2 seniors in the house we don’t use much water, but the timer does not wait for us. As such, blocked pipes are not going to trigger it. The timer circuit is probably on the control board and is probably controlled by a capacitor that is going bad therefor reducing the time to 3 weeks instead of 6 months. If you are into fixing it you can eyeball the board to see if any of the cap tops are starting to become convex. They must be perfectly flat or slightly concave. Removing a filter and reinserting the same filter will prove the point.

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