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Sexta generación del iPad, lanzado en marzo de 2018. Disponible en Wi-Fi y LTE con opciones de almacenamiento de 32 y 128 GB. Cuenta con una pantalla Retina de 9.7 "y un chip de fusión A10 de 64 bits.

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iPad 6 Not Turning On

I have had an iPad 6 come into the shop today that won’t power on. The customer reports perfect battery life and that it’s well looked after. The iPad looks perfect for a 2-year-old tablet.

I have tried all the common methods such as Force Restart, Trying to Boot to DFU, etc but nothing seems to be working. Still the same black screen, anyone has any more ideas?

It has no charging symbol or connect to iTunes screen it’s just dead. The tablet has been working perfectly up until a few days ago, or so the client reports.

Thanks in advance,

Jon Williams

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Do you have a USB amp meter? That could show you some additional info before opening it up. Also, using a factory Apple wall charger and lighting cable does make a difference.

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@Dmak I do not own a USB amp meter its on my investment list XD I have official apple chargers etc as I run a repair business so need these things XD Thanks for the suggestion though, Top man

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hello Jon,

you have to open it up. Check a logical drive, main power supply, regulators and port. Sometthing’s wrong. Don’t forget about battery:, disconnect it as firs, plug it back as last. Never lift up a motherboard.

that’s all, be carefully, fingers crossing,

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I was afraid this would be the response. Although I have done many screen replacements and one battery replacement in iPads, I have only ever lifted on digitizer cleanly and that was during the one battery replacement I have done, So I really wanted to avoid the time and effort it will take to lift, but needs must I guess.

I was hoping if I disconnect the battery and reconnected it, it would sort its self if not multimeter time XD Cheers for the suggestion!

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no no, bad understanding. By "lifting" I mean bending the motherboard to remove the battery over the protruding screw port. To remove the battery from the housing, the plate should be torn off at least along the entire edge (although I prefer to remove it completely from the housing). if you just want to disconnect the battery, slide thin plastic under the motherboard connector - without lifting and bending the board. In that case, you'll be fine (anyway, i don't think this will fix the problem).

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@tojaert I have opened the iPad up without causing damage, so really happy with that. Everything has been disconnected and reconnected with no joy. I have also disconnected the battery from the logic board as I always do before a repair.

Was wondering if you could circle the things on a picture you would advise checking, I do not do much iPad board work so any help would be great, Prefer iPhone boards to work on XD

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