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The Vizio e480i television is a 48-inch television produced by Vizio, Inc., which was founded in 2002 in California. The Vizio e480i is classified as a smart TV and can be identified by model number E480i-B2.

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Are power supplies interchangeable?

MODEL NUMBER p702ui-b3

It wont turn on. No lights sounds anything. So we are 90% sure it is the power supply especially after looking inside. I have seen some places say you can interchange certain ones but I'm not sure how to figure that out? The power supply in the TV currently is out everything or astronically too expensive. So I'm hoping to find a different one I could use instead. Any help with how to figure out which ones would work?

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Generally, most PSUs are very specific to the device. Some TVs have the same unit in a series with different screen sizes or functionality, but then it is the same board so the price is the same. Finding a different, cheaper PSU is mostly not possible. What you might do is to open it up and carefully inspect the capacitors of bulging units. Any convex top is an indication of a failed or failing cap. Those can be individually replaced at a far cheaper rate.

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You can interchange the power supplies but there's a few things you'll need to check first. The output voltage cannot be more than three volts higher than the original, the polarity on the device side must be the same, and the plug on the device must be the same size.

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