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Lanzado en junio de 2017, el iPad Pro 10.5 "reemplaza al iPad Pro 9.7 2016".

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Loose Lightning Port (springs?)

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I tried charging my iPad but it only works with some charging cables and sometimes in only one direction. It also would say “Not Charging”. It also holds the cable loose. I took a look inside and found that the right tab that holds the cable is inward. How can I let it back out? And can this be a battery issue? Thanks.

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Hey there,

Could possibly attach an image so I could have a look and help you?



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@iammyron07 I just added one. Best I could do. Thanks.

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Does it work with an original Apple charging cable? If yes, most probably it needs a new lightning port but if it does not and it only charges using a copy cable then it might need a charging chip replacement... Any how you can try your luck by changing the lightning port

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@iammyron07 It works an original with one side, not at all with a different original, and both sides with an Anker MFI certified.

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@iammyron07 My battery was also having issues (fast discharge, incorrect reading, etc.) as well, could that be the case?

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A worn or damaged charger port can be cleaned but if cleaning does not fix it then charge port replacement is required .

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How can I clean it? Thanks.

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