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El Nissan Altima es un automóvil de tamaño mediano fabricado por Nissan, y podría decirse que es una continuación de la línea Nissan Bluebird, que comenzó en 1957.

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Won't start after changing the ignition and reprogramming key

Someone tried to hot wire the car, we put a new ignition in it. We had our local locksmith come program the new key to the car and that works except once you turn the car off it won't start again unless the locksmith reprograms the key again. I want to say the locksmiths code reader said some module was bad but I can't remember now. Has anyone experienced this before?

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part aren’t correctly matched probably, if it was a wiring issue then it wouldn’t start at all and if the immobiliser was faulty then it wouldn’t start either at all, although its usually engine related issues some cars take time to recognise a fault via sensors and other bits and bobs, usually across two starts and compare the readings then throw up an error, maybe that at a long shot but I would just get a garage or the locksmith to test all the parts that have been fitted to make sure they are all in working order and fitted correctly first, immobilizers can be very delicate things and can mess up an ECU easily if one little thing is missed.

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