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Anunciado en Marzo de 2015, y lanzado al mercado el 10 de Abril de 2015, el Galaxy S6 es el nuevo buque insignia en la linea Galaxy. La version curva de su pantalla es conocida como Galaxy S6 Edge.

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Phone doesn't turn on

Hello, my dad's phone just died which is the Samsung s6. He used it for 9 years and just wants to have his photos and other data back. It doesn't turn on, the battery is warm but when charging the light also doesn't turn on anymore. We brought it to 2 repair places already and they said that it's dead but I thought I would give it a shot as there are photos in there dear to him. Maybe someone can help out!

Also, they tried to fix the charging port already and said the battery was fine.

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Did they give a reason for why they said the battery was fine? If the phone is 9 years old, the battery is warm to the touch, and the charging light doesn't turn on, then replacing the battery is the first thing I would have done.

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@dancomptia They just said that it wasn't bloated and visibly there was nothing wrong with it. You think it's worth a shot with a new battery?

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I can think of three possible solutions.

First, you can access his Google account from any computer and poke around for the data. There's a chance that he had Google's Automatic Backup feature on while the phone worked. This would have saved his data to the cloud.

Second, you can try a cheap generic battery. Given that the phone is 9 years old, the price for a compatible battery could be fairly low by now. It may not work, but it may still be inexpensive enough to try.

Third, you can give his phone to a data recovery service. You may choose to Google the service centers in your area. Keep in mind that this can get expensive, however.

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Make sure the phone is fully charged. Else you can transfer all the data through the email.You can also have a opinion from any technical experts as the age of the phone is too long and there might be any internal faults.

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