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Personal transportation vehicles driven by electric motors, to include E-Bikes, electric scooters, and electric unicycles.

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My NEW electric bike doesn't charge.

Hi all,

I purchased a electric bike (It is a Freestyler 3rd Gen 14”) recently and I love it, but it doesn’t charge.

I have run it down to completely 0% where the motor no longer spins, then I plug it in and the light on the charge stays green (it is meant to turn red).

(This is the first time I am trying to charge it)

I have left it plugged in over night and it has got no charge.

what happens is when I plug it ion the indicator on the bike goes up to 100%. So the bike thinks it doesn’t need charge and doesn’t charge.

I found out if I turn on the motor while it is plugged in the light goes red and charges while the motor is spinning, but then wheel i turn off the motor it goes back to a green light and it doesn’t charge.

If anyone has any ideas to help that would be very greatly appreciated.


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Hi @tgooders ,

If it is a new bike and it doesn’t charge contact the manufacturer about a warranty repair or replacement.

You shouldn’t have to fix a new product. That’s what warranties are for.

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Yeah I should probably do that but it will take a few months so i was just checking if i was doing anything wrong

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All you can reasonably do is follow the instructions in the user manual that hopefully was provided with the bike.

Do not attempt to do any repairs as this may void the warranty.

You could try contacting the manufacturer or perhaps the retailer where you purchased it from and ask for their technical representative (if they have one) and ask if you're charging it correctly or if they may know what the problem is etc, to save you returning it.

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