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ps4 beeps 1 and blue light turns on then off

So just over a month ago i pulled apart my playstation to clean it i then proceeded to put everything back as it was and it wasn’t working (my step father pulled the little plug thing off the mother board but we got it soldered back on) and i tested it once we had the little thingy back on and my playstation beeped once and the blue light came on for exactly 2 seconds and turned off, i have since then bought a replacement power supply and that still hasn’t worked i have not replaced the factory thermal paste but the playstation was fine the day i decided to clean it so if anyone has any idea’s how to fix this please contact me

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sounds like Blue Light Of Death (BLOD).

The symptoms of the blue light of death are as follows:

  • Power indicator pulsing blue
  • No video/audio output
  • PS4 powering off after pulsing blue light

it’s hard to pinpoint what exactly is wrong, but these symptoms can indication one of the following:

  • A power supply issue.
  • A hard drive issue.
  • A genera hardware issue.

if the PS4 is within it’s warranty period get it fixed quickly

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Turns out it was the APU and since i can't do anything about it i'm just gonna replace it and either buy the ps5 or a ps4 pro which in both sides better than what i already had

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