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Device repair information for the 2013 Ryan Lawnaire IV aerator, with model number 554918A.

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Engine runs for 2 minutes and then dies every 10-20 seconds

I just bought a brand new Ryan Aerator with a Briggs engine last year. I pulled it out of storage and it ran fine for a couple of minutes, but then would die every 10 seconds. If i let sit for a few minutes it runs for a little longer and then continues to fie. I took it to two different people to fix, and they both cleaned out the carburetor and is stilling having the same problem. I’m thinking it’s something with the fuel intake but honestly I don’t know enough about it. Anyone else have this issue with their aerator?

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Hello, have you tried cleaning out the fuel tank? I saw a problem that was similar to yours and the cause turned out to be a small piece of wood was in the fuel tank. While the engine was running the stick drifted to the tank outlet and clog the gas flow but when the engine was shut off the stick would float back to the top.

It would not hurt to make sure there is nothing in the fuel line or fuel filter (if there is one) either.

Good luck.

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