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Is there any software that will allow me to remap my broken “L” key?

I believe some condensation got on the L key of my keyboard. It no longer functions at all. In system preferences, only special characters can be remapped. I was wondering if anyone knew of any third-party app that would allow me to re-map one of those rarely used characters to act as the “L” key.

I purchased an OEM replacement keyboard, but after watching the instructional videos, I’m not too keen on spending four hours on the repair, and I am definitely not taking it to a place that is going to charge me $300-$400. But it is also extremely inconvenient to use the on screen keyboard for one of the most common letters, and even more inconvenient to carry an external keyboard around with a laptop. Aside from that, the computer is perfect and has just been upgraded to the max.

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Nobody doing repairs would ask 3/400$ for a keyboard replacement. Ask around, you’ll probably get it done with a 100$, it’s a boring and time consuming headache turning a screwdriver for a couple of hours, but nothing complicated unless one does some noob silly mistakes.

However, if you like better the idea of remapping the key, Karabiner is your app.

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I do have the keyboard, and I will do it myself, now that I have the full iFixit kit with all of the tools. It’s just very tedious and time-consuming. There are very few places that are even willing to do it because it requires removing everything as the keyboard is on the very bottom. I’m becoming quite frustrated with Apple lately. Thank you very much though for that tip because in the meantime while I am procrastinating spending four hours of my life on screwing everything inside this machine, at least you have helped provide me with a way to work around the inconvenience of having to carry around in external keyboard. I tried re-mapping it through the system, But it only works with the system itself and native Apple apps. All it took was one drop of condensation from a soda can…

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