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Repair guides and troubleshooting for the Toshiba Satellite L50-B-2E2 laptop computer.

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My Laptop turns off completely randomly, any solution?

Hello there

My laptop is 5 years old, 4 months ago I replaced the battery and the charger with a non original one because the previous one just didn’t work anymore.

The laptop shuts down (as If I held pressing the power button, aka a force shut down) randomly within 2 minutes of starting the machine, here are some notes that I took:

  • It does NOT shut off randomly if the laptop makes a bit of loud noise constantly.
  • If it doesn’t make a loud noise, then it will shut down automatically within 5-10 mins if not idle, but if I plug in the charger, it will shut down within 30 seconds.
  • If the laptop makes a noise aka meaning it won’t shut down, then I am able to plug the charger in without it shutting down.

Even Viewer says I have a Kernal Power Error, tho I can’t find the code for it since it always makes the laptop shut it self down… so ye

Any help will be appreciated.

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when you say loud noise im assuming the fans spinning up.

this sort of sounds like an overheating thing if thats the case. the CPU will over heat and force a shutdown fairly quick if its not cooled properly.

try to see if there is any airflow when you hear and dont hear the loud noise.

also try and take some compressed air and blow out the vents.

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How is it a heating problem if the CPU isn't even hot?

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@abbody1337 2 questions for you

what is this noise? a beep, grinding, spinning? can you be more descriptive please

also a kernel power error usually just means that the computer shut down for some reason. IE it could be over heating.

so how do you know its not overheating?

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@logixal Idk how to describe the sound, it's most likely a spinning sound.

And I checked, my laptop fan doesn't run and I most likely need to change it.

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@abbody1337 yea if its a spinning noise and when you dont hear that spinning sound and the computer turns off i can ALMOST 100% guarantee its overheating since the fan isnt spinning.

im not super familiar with Macs but if youre changing a fan for a CPU you will probably need some thermal paste just as a reminder!

good luck!

- de

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