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Prendas de abrigo marca Patagonia que te mantienen caliente en los días frescos y seco en los días húmedos. La dificultad de reparación varía desde un simple parche hasta una reparación más complicada.

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Is there a way to shrink stretched arm cuffs?

I have a windbreaker that I bought a year or two ago that I really enjoy. However the cuffs on the sleeves were very oversized, is there any way to shrink them up? I was thinking about getting them wet and blow-drying them on high but I was concerned it wouldn’t do anything because the cuffs were oversized new.

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Hi Collin,

I’m not sure what style you have and would need to see it to provide the best advise. You can always consider taking it to a tailor to help you achieve the desired fit you want.

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If you only need the cuffs tight when it’s raining or otherwise adverse, just throw a couple of elastic hair ties in the pocket. When the need arises, put them on the outside of your jacket right at the top of the cuff (“up” from your hand). It’ll hold tight and perform just like a tight cuff.

Bonus points: throw in an extra one in case you are with someone with long hair and you can pull one out and offer it up when the unexpected hits. I do it for my wife and she appreciates :)

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