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iBook G4 14" 1.42 GHz compatible optical drives?

The superdrive of my iBook G4 "died" (I think) recently and I'm planing on replacing it but I would also like to know possible "upgrades" and/or alternative brand/model I could use on my iBook G4

The behavior of my drive right now is that when I insert any disc in it ejects it moments later and cant seem to read I can hear the lens going up and down and trying to read but I don't hear the disc spinning

I hear the drive "trying to read cycle" like three times before it ejects it

I opened my iBook to check if the drive was dirty and it was a little and after I rid my entire iBook of the little dust it had inside it my superdrive still didn't work

so if I have to replace it please state any compatible optical drives

iBook G4 14" 1.42 Ghz

Superdrive - Matshita UJ-845E

Thanks in advance

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Here's a list of available replacement drives:

Consider getting an external dual layer Firewire/USB drive that will work wil other machines or future machines. Here's one I like:

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