SSD Detected But Not Functional


I have a MacBook Pro (2015 Retina) with a faulty ssd. It happened after an update to Big Sur, and when I opened iTunes, It crashed and came with a ? mark. I created a post about this earlier and (Dan, danj answered my q, Thanks to them) but i just want to know if i can revive the SSD before buying a new one. It does show up in disk utility but it doesn’t erase with an El Capitan external drive but with Big Sur it will use APFS. I upgraded to High Sierra, and it would stay to “Creating the partition map” But it sucsessfully unmounted the disk. (Better than El Capitan, It will immediately fail in 10.11) I took it to apple and they charged $608.47 (i support #righttorepair) apple hates repair. I thought, screw it i will just fix it myself. But before that, i just want to know if there is anyone with the same problem who fixed it or knows how to fix it before i take apart my laptop.

Thanks a lot!

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