Screen problems or logic board?

Hello world, I just recently attempted to open my iPhone 7 and now it powers up, but then immediately goes black. I’m trying to figure out what the problem is bc no pixels are dead. Could it be a logic board problem? Also, if it is the screen then what part of the screen and can I replace that part if I have another broken screen? Pictures included,

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Can't see any pictures

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What do you see? Does it show the charge icon when plugged in? Does it show the apple logo? Why did you open it? What was wrong with it? ... Difficult to answer or help you.

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It shows the apple logo, and then instead of showing the set up screen after that it just shows black@bramdriesen

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Try this first: it could also be a bad battery, I would test that first since it's the cheapest part and easiest to replace.

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Okay I wasn’t able to capture what happen after the Apple logo, but it’s basically a black screen and then a quick white line appears and disappears. Then it shuts off.

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