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The Corsair K55 RGB Gaming Keyboard is a wired/wireless keyboard, (depending on what kind is bought), specifically made for gaming. It is very common across the world and is a starter for many gamers when it comes to gaming keyboards on a budget.

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Can't find parts for corsair k55

My white plastic backplate just broke and as I disassembled the keyboard it seemed easy to replace, the thing is that I can’t find it anywhere! Does anyone know where i can find any parts for my corsair k55?

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Unfortunately, I don’t think Corsair sells what you need. They happen to sell replacement parts, which mainly consist of keycap mods for their keyboards, but I am pretty sure that you may have to find your part on eBay. I did look up your part, but I found nothing as some of the stuff being sold online was replacement feet and a few keycaps here and there. I hope this answer does help you. Good luck with finding your replacement part. You could request a replacement part from Corsair as a lot of their products do have warranties.

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