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iPhone 7 does not detect wired headphones

See the end for a tl;dr

I just replaced my lightning port assembly and everything was working well until about 3 days after the replacement. I plugged in my phone to charge and it wouldn’t charge. I opened the phone to see if I hadn’t aligned the assembly properly, but it was fine. I disconnected the assembly from the logic board, re-connected it and started restarted the phone. Luckily, it charges now but does not detect earphones, playing sound out of the speakers.

tl;dr I changed the lightning port assembly and the phone charges but does not detect headphones or audio cables (tried multiple dongles/earphones).

Anyone else have this problem and is there a solution? Or is the part faulty?

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Why did you change it in the first place?

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The pins weren't working anymore. Charging cables and earphones would easily fall out. I tried cleaning out dust and debris but it still wouldn't work (vigorously cleaned it). I brought it to Apple and they told me it would cost too much to replace, and that I should just buy a new phone.

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Where did you get the replacement from

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I purchased the fix kit from ifixit.

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have you contacted ifixit

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Sounds like a bad audio IC, thats a symptom of it

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