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Freezer is Freezing however never shuts off


I have a Haier Commercial Frost Freezer model # HUF138PA freezer..

It has no trouble freezing stuff however it runs constantly???

Any help greatly appreciated

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Hi @starrslight ,

It could be a faulty thermostat (supplier example only, just search for WR09X29883 to find suppliers that suit you best)

It should stop the compressor when the set temperature has been reached.

This may not occur that often during the day as the door may have been opened and closed a lot due to normal usage and the cold air escapes and has to be replaced etc. but it should be stopped at some time overnight or perhaps first thing in the a.m. as it has had all night to reach the set temp.

Also check if the door seals are OK. Place a piece of paper between the door and the door jamb and with the door closed normally i.e. no pressure on door by you to keep it closed, try to pull it out. It will come out with a bit of an effort but not that easily and it should definitely not fall out by itself. Try this at various places around the door, top, bottom and both sides. Faulty seals allow the cold air to escape and the compressor is running all the time trying to maintain the temperature

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