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Repair guides and support for tablets produced by Lenovo including the ThinkPad tablet line.

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My charger piece inside of my tablet is broken can you fix it

My charger piece is broken inside of my tablet can you fix it and how much it’s Lenove Tab8

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this site is mostly for helping yourself solve these issues. Can you please attach a photo of the broken piece? SWITCH OFF tablet.. Try to get some tweezers (eyebrow pluckers) and try if you can pull it.

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If the charging port has a cord broken off in it you may be able to take it to a local repair shop and have them remove the debris for a small fee, or carefully try and use eyebrow tweezers yourself. If the charging port itself is broken you will need to micro solder a in a new charging port, you need specialized tools and the repair can sometimes be quite expensive that tablet is valued around 200$ refurbished so don’t pay more than that for a repair I would say.

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